The Intolerance We Hold Within Ourselves

For the major part of my life I have stayed in a joint family and like all places where there are people there is bound to be dissent and my large family was no different. As children most of our childhood was spent being pampered by grandparents, listening to their pre-partition day’s stories, playing with cousins and studying. Good times those were. And then there were these family gatherings mostly good but some were heated rife with arguments and anger. As a child, I used to wonder why they would fight so much. As I grew up I could understand the contents, some of them really nonsensical, of these heated family gatherings. I always wondered why they can’t settle these discussions peacefully. I delved deeper into the how each of my uncles and aunts functioned and came to the conclusion that intolerance is what makes them behave the way they do.

It’s such a basic human flaw that we all carry in varying degrees. However, the two worst ways intolerance can really harm a relationship is when we are intolerant of the other person’s views and the when we are intolerant of our insecurities. It forces negative reactions like anger, dislike, contempt, in some cases lying, hiding of facts and stops us from accepting our issues and keeps on eating us for the major part of our lives filling us with negativity. Either way, it keeps us from feeling happiness, peace and enjoying our relationships.


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